What is online marketing all about?

What is online marketing all about?

Online marketing has to do with using the internet to make sales. It can increase your brand awareness, drive traffic, increase your leads and sales.

About half of the world’s population is connected to the internet. This makes it highly lucrative for business. Putting your brand before your target audience at the right time and place can be a game-changer for your business.

But what exactly is online marketing?

What is online marketing?

Online marketing uses specific methods, tools, or strategies to get your company name in front of people. This marketing usually takes different forms of advertising, ranging from subtle messages to clear-cut advertisements. However, the use of subtle messages is more common.

Online marketing is a term that covers different marketing avenues and strategies, including search engines, emails marketing, social media post, blog articles and videos.

It includes using some or all of the following strategies to gain leads, convert them, and make sales.

Online marketing strategies

Over the years, the following marketing strategies have been employed for the online space. Indeed, they work. Investing in them can cause a real turnaround in your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a way a brand creates and shares its online materials like blogs, social media posts, and videos in a way that does not openly promote the brand.

However, it is intended to stimulate people’s interest in the product or services rendered.

People don’t like feeling sold out. Content marketing helps you get them to want your products without feeling this way.


What is better for your business?

Difference between content marketing and traditional advertising

Gone are the days when people would knock on the doors of strangers and try to sell products. This time of traditional marketing is almost gone. Now, it is rarely tolerated.

This approach was simply targeted at pushing their products and information to people and almost forcing them to buy.

Truthfully, no one really wants to spend their money that way. People in general are more interested in knowing how the products can work for them and why they need them before spendin their hard earned money.

The following are ways you can use content marketing to increase your brand awareness, lead conversion, and sales.


    Having a blog or newsletter for your company is a helpful way to interact with your current and potential customers. Blogs should be targeted and informative, teaching customers about the advantages your products.

    Creating & promoting linkbait

    If you’re wondering what linkbait is, it is content that is specially created to attract links. It is made unique so that the industry bloggers and influencers can link back to it.

    Guest posting

    Creation & marketing of videos


    Content syndication


    Importance of Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is a potent tool because it gives you direct communication to your current and potential customers.

    It starts by getting your customers’ email addresses and extends to marketing your product to everyone on your list without making them feel spammed.

    Most well-known companies use the following ways to make sales with email marketing:

    Lead magnet

    These are baits or incentives used to get the email address of your potential customer. They include many things like free training, cheat sheets, videos, free resource lists, etc. When creating a lead magnet, ensure that it is valuable to your potential customer.


    Segmentation, Is basicly profiling and breaking down your leads and or customers into smaller similar groups. This allowss for much more targeted and tailored marketing.

    A/B testing

    A/B testing emails, which are used for evaluating which format of emails convert the most and which of them your audience responds best to.

    Search Engine Optimisation Australia

    Search engine optimisation (SEO)

    SEO helps you drive organic traffic to your website. However, SEO can be a complicated term, especially when you are new to online marketing. Nevertheless, the basics are easy to learn. Find out what are the SEO trends for 2021, and what every online business owner needs to know before investing in SEO.

    It has to do with the following:


    Keyword research


    On-page SEO


    Off-page SEO


    Technical SEO

    How to convert your marketing efforts?

    Conversion rate optimisation

    The sole aim of online marketing is to increase conversions.

    This is why it is essential to do everything you can help increase your conversion rate. This is called conversion rate optimisation (CRO). It combines user interface and user experience (UI/UX) and copywriting to get your potential customers interested in your products.

    The copywriting is used to deliver your message clearly and convincingly, while the user interface and user experience make it easy for your visitors to achieve their goals and convert.

    CRO involves:

    Conversion focused web design

    Headline optimisation

    Call to actions

    Social proof

    Social media

    Social Media Channels

    Most of us now realise social media marketig in an essential aspect of any overall online marketing strategy. However, people find it challenging to gain visibility from potential customers other than their current audience.
    This shouldn’t be a challenge. You can always grow your brand and increase awareness by using the following social media content tactics

    Always choose the right channel

    Use social media for social listening

    Advertise your business with these platforms

    Paid advertisement

    Additionaly to having a good content marketing strategy, social media plan, email marketing and search engine optimisation, you can reach even more people by using paid advertising channels.

    The following channels have been used extensively in the passed:


    Google Ads


    Linkedin advertising


    Youtube adverts


    Programmatic advertising


    Facebook advertising



    Influencer marketing

    Most people are often hesitant buy a product until someone they know or admire recommends it. This is why influencer marketing can be very powerful. This is not an infomercials; it is simply a well knowen figure recommending the product or service and due to their credibility increases your brand awareness.

    Picking the right influencer to use for your business can have a fantastic effect. However, you do still need to have great products to excel in this aspect of online marketing called affiliate marketing.


    There are different online marketing strategies, and they work differently depending on how well you use them.

    No matter which strategy you opt for, you can measure your success with a digital marketing funnel. This can also make it easy to put all your strategies together in a coherent plan and generate an ROI for your business.