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Search Engine Optimisation is all about updating and steadily improving your site to enhance visibility for relevant queries on search engines, and the method by which this is done is constantly being updated by Google. Every year, Google makes a lot of changes to their search algorithms and these changes invariably affect your search ranking. Recent SEO trends are beginning to take centre stage, making it harder to manipulate search algorithms for higher ranking.

Due to the market competition for user’s attention, optimising your content to increase your search ranking is very important. Here are some notable SEO trends that you should expect to see in 2021.

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1. User Experience Metrics Will Influence Search Ranking

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The first rule of user experience (UX) is improving the experience for people when they access your page. This is a key SEO element that aids in getting a higher ranking. What’s more? Google’s Core Web Vitals encompasses UX metrics into its ranking. Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics centred on the user that measure user experience by speed, interactivity and visual stability. This means that Google is highlighting the experience that websites give their users and rewarding those sites with higher visibility.

How Marketers Can Optimise

The good news is, Google has made available different tools through which marketers can measure their core web vital reports and have an idea on the UX performance of their page in comparison with Google’s ranking metrics. These tools also suggest ways to improve the metrics for your page. Some examples of such are Chrome UX reports, Search Console, Web Vitals Chrome Extension, and Lighthouse.

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Compulsory Mobile-first Indexing

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Previously, most websites were made in desktop only version, but with the increase in mobile phone users, Google started implementing mobile-first index for new websites and switching old ones to mobile version. Mobile-first indexing has to do with the optimisation of a website to its mobile version. The number of users searching for information on Google via mobile phones have soared in recent times; as a result, websites with mobile version are ranked higher than those with a desktop-only version.

How Marketers Can Optimise

It’s not a very difficult process to transit your website into a mobile version. It is more beneficial for you to optimise your website for mobile so that your page can be ranked higher in search results. One of the easiest ways to transit your website into a mobile version is by optimising for voice search. Check out Google’s mobile-first index list for more information on the transition.


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Keywords Will Give Way for Search Intent

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In 2019, Google’s BERT update showed us just how possible it is for artificial intelligence to not only answer queries but interpret the intent behind it. It was created by Google to improve understanding of natural or conversational language.
BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) can adequately solve lexical difficulties, identify stop words and provide search results attuned to the user’s search intent. This has allowed Google’s algorithm to become more user friendly and interactive.

How Digital Marketers Can Optimise

It is currently not possible to optimise for BERT, so your best option is to optimise your content in a way that matches the users’ search queries. This can be achieved by focusing your content on the readers need than on specific keyword placement. Use natural conversational language and answer FAQs consumers might have.

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4. SERP Marketing

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The concept of SERP marketing is one that Google has always aimed for. It involves providing users with a comprehensive answer to a single search query making use of knowledge graphs, featured snippets, FAQs, related videos and more. Featured snippets are brief explanation to a search query that appears first in the search results. In many cases, this information is all the user requires, and this leads to what is known as zero-click experience.

How Marketers Can Optimise

SERP marketing and zero-click search results can be optimised in many ways. Starting with featured snippets and content diversification, you can improve your content quality in such a way that it answers specific questions and meet other user needs. Content diversification involves the use of other mediums and tools to provide solutions to users, for example, YouTube videos.

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5. Structured Data

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Structured data can be applied in various ways to enhance your ranking and search visibility. FAQ pop-ups and featured snippets are a great way to start. Google also provides different tools, page schemas and plugins to help implement structured data. If you have a business or company you want to promote using structured data, you can simply use local business schema to do so and improve your ranking and appearance in search results.

How Marketers Can Optimise

Web developers can optimise their structured data using various available tools on google. It is not as difficult as most persons assume, just ensure you keep up with Google’s SEO trends

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6. Video Content Will Have More Preeminence

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The leverage video contents have over text is their ability to provide you with live description. SERP pages are more likely to display video content than plain text. Coupled with this, video carousels link users to another Google entity, YouTube. Adding tutorial videos to your website is a brilliant way to optimise your content. The number of users going for tutorial videos rather than texts is currently on the increase.

How Marketers Can Implement

Introducing video content to your website is the best way to optimise your website. The trend of users’ preference for video over text isn’t leaving anytime soon, so digital marketers should aim towards creating quality video content.

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7. Google My Business Is Becoming an Important SEO

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Google My Business is an important SEO tool for local businesses that helps make them more visible and accessible to those around the vicinity of the business location. Recently, Google has added more features to the GMB listing to improve user experience on location-based searches.

How Marketers Can Optimise

Marketers need to fill their listing with all the necessary information users require and promote more engagement and activity on their listing. This is usually a good signal for higher google ranking.

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SEO trends have been a major indicator for ranking by google search algorithms. Because these trends change often, it is important for digital marketers to keep up and implement them where necessary, especially in 2021. Improved user experience is the endpoint of SEO so the focus should always be on creating rich and quality content for the users to always come back to.

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