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Your corporate identity & logo is the one of the most important tools to gain awareness and recognition for your business. It helps to get you noticed and easily identifiable. Custom logo designs.

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Your corporate identity & logo is the one of the most important tools to gain awareness and recognition for your business. It helps get you noticed and easily identifiable. A great logo design must be a memorable representation of your business identity. It holds the credibility and loyalty of your business, therefore it is important to get your logo design right the first time.

Your logo design should inspire confidence in your customers, assuring them that your company can provide the services they require. A well-designed logo should work no matter where it is being used, whether that be online, in print or even on billboards. It is simply essential it still creates instant recognition to you and your business.  

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We believe that nobody knows your business like you, that’s why we truly value your  input throughout the entire logo design process. This helps to ensure you are 100% happy with the result! 

Logo Design Sunshine Coast

You have big plans for your business, and we’d love to help you with them. Our head office is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and all of our  logo designers are either based right here or in Brisbane.

We’ll put together a series of visual concepts for you based on our discussions with you, your logo design brief and further research. There are a million possible directions that your brand can take, but there’s only one that’s exactly right for you. Together, we’ll nail it!

Whether you are just starting out, or require a revamp on your current logo designs, our team is here to help.

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Just how important is your Logo Design?

Logos are vitally important because usually they’re the first piece of branding that any potential customer sees. They can also be that one piece of branding that often makes the biggest impression. A logo can tell us a lot about a brand, including (sometimes) what it does and what it stands for. When consumers connect with a logo design, they’re often more inclined to invest their time or money in the company or product. 

Often there are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of brands competing for our attention. This means to be successful brands need to differentiate themselves visually to avoid being confused with others, especially their direct competition. This is usually achieved through brand identity which is more often than not accomplished through a range of elements that work together to create a distinctive picture of the brand in our minds. However, first among these elements is still the brand’s Logo design.

For a moment just think about a person who made some kind of impact on your life, you can probably picture what they look like. The same applies to brands. A logo acts as the brand’s face, allowing people to connect with it and remember it. 

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Logo Design – Things to Remember

It’s important to remember that when we look at something, we see shape and colour before we read. We then only continue to move on to reading if our interest is captured enough to hold our attention.

A logo design needs to be relevant to the ideas, values and activities it represents. An elegant typeface will suit a high-end restaurant or law firm better than it will a daycare facility or indoor play house.

Simplicity often aids recognition, It can be a great advantage when there are a lot of brands all competing for our attention. A simple logo can usually be recalled much quicker after even a brief glance.

A logo doesn’t always have to show what a company does, sometimes in fact, it’s often better if it doesn’t. More abstract marks are often more enduring. Great Logo design does require a lot of knowledge, skill and experience. There are many elements to consider, and questions to be asked or researched.

If the right logo is aligned to the right product it can eventually become a priceless asset. Just think of the Nike swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, the Michelin man or the Mercedes’ three-pointed star.

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This to let you know that Adriana of SunCoast Media has been instrumental in building a new, sophisticated website and online advertising facility for Timber & Forestry eNews. Adriana’s expertise will greatly assist the publication in terms of reach & achieving its commercial goals. She will continue to assist the publication on an as required basis. I greatly value her expertise and contribution to the business.
John Halkett Co-publisher | Timber & Forestry Enews

We love our new website (www.fulltilt.com.au)! Adriana was so good to work with from start to finish. She even travelled all the way up to Gympie to meet us and work out what we wanted from our website. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she happily worked with us on all our fussy requests 🙂 I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at building a new website. Her prices are very affordable for a new business starting out too. Thanks again Adriana, it really was a pleasure doing business with you!
Amanda Ryan | Full Tilt Equipment

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If you are a business that is looking for that personal service from a web designer, where you feel heard and understood. Look no further than Adriana at SunCoast Media. I had tried 3 different web design companies prior to SunCoast Media. I felt that they all did not listen, charged me for stuff that I didn’t ask for, & did not provide me with stuff that I had asked for at very inflated prices that completely blew out.

Talk to a real person, not a robot who works with you to create the best outcome for your website (www.mooloolabacanalcruise.com) and ultimately enhances your business, so that it can grow and prosper. Adriana has some very attractive web design packages to suit whatever you are looking for, and she will even customise them further if need be. Go on, give her a call? You won’t be disappointed.

Jo | Mooloolaba Canal Cruise

It was so easy and fun working with Adriana. She is such a lovely and warm person. Adriana has such a gift in understanding what your need is and creating exactly what you want. I am so grateful I have found SunCoast Media. Adriana went above & beyond to make sure my website www.lokahiway.com.au was everything I had hoped for and it is!! Thank you so much.
Stacey | Lokahi Way