Trends For Web Design In 2021

Web Design Trends to stay in 2021

Your web design creates the first impression on visitors when they view your website.

The design of your website can make a visitor want to remain on the site or click the exit button. Research shows that the design of a website accounts for about 90% of a visitor’s first impression of your business, and it can increase sales, fetching you more revenue.

These reasons, amongst others, make it necessary to always consider the latest designs for your website when designing your marketing strategy. Although there are several website design trends, there are a few of these trends that will be more useful to your website and business in 2021.

Here are 8 web design trends to look out for in 2021.

WordPress Website Designs Predicions for 2021

1. White space

Designs for websites are tending towards the designs in print magazines. Minimalism is now the focus in creating a design for any website, and this has made white space on web pages common. White space on a website is similar to currents. They help visitors navigate your web page, and it helps remove any distracting elements while scrolling through the page.

Having white space helps your web visitors understand the relationship between the main elements on the page and allows their eyes to rest. If the white space between two main elements on your webpage is small, your visitors may view them as one because the human eye tends to view close elements as one. If you have two elements apart with a large space between them, your visitors will view them separately, and this is what you need to make more sales or pass the right message.

Generally, white space improves your user’s experience (UX) because it gives them easy access to what they need on your website.

Modern Web Designs Trends

2. Full headers for pages

This is one modern design that more people are incorporating into their website, and it has proven to improve user experience. In designing your website, ensure that you put in variations for your headers.

A popular web setup is adding your CTA (call-to-action) button or the key text at the left side of the header, then include an engaging image at the right side of the page. The reason for this is that the eyes tend to focus more on the top-left side of webpages.

You can find an example of this on the Discord website (a website which provides text and voice chap apps for people playing games). On this website, they have a fun image on the top right corner of the website, besides the header which is on the top-left side of the page. Below the header, they highlighted the importance of their paid service and have their CTA button.

The format of this website makes it easy for users to know what to do, and it also allows them to get the service they need easily.

User Experience with web designs in 2021

3. Playful cursors

Most modern websites use this feature on their website to make viewer experience better. Incorporating an animated cursor to your webdesign by merely changing the shape of the cursor or using a more complex coding to get animated cursor makes your webpage unique and gives you a more engaging site.

Business Websites in 2021

4. Dynamic strolling

web elements popular in 2021

Having a dynamic scrolling feature makes your site look better and more sophisticated. You could set scrolling on your web site’s foreground and background at different speeds to give the site a 3-D effect.

You may also decide to have a background video which plays as the visitor scrolls down the page. Dynamic scrolling gives your website a magical effect, making the site unique.

Importance to keep up with the webdesign trends in 2021

5. Custom illustrations

Web Design Sunshine Coast trends 2021

Illustrations make your website look more lively. Traditional arts and print publishing are setting the pace for modern designs for websites. Static and 2D images are gradually becoming obsolete for websites.

Ensure that you incorporate custom illustration into your website designs as this will keep your visitors engaged. With the different forms of coding available, you can create several forms of custom illustration.

Innovations in the digital designs now involve 3D illusions which have improved the nature of designs for websites. Now, you can have the following.

  • An illustration that slowly changes into different colours with various shading.
  • Styles of digital cut-outs looking like designs cut from layers of paper
  • 3D cursors that keep users engaged.

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6. Increased UX/UI focus

The design of your website should always focus on increasing user experience. Your website should have an engaging and uninterrupted design, and you can achieve this by having the following.

  • Fast loading speed
  • Multimedia
  • More space between elements
  • Relevant SEO content

The design should also enable the following features

  • Balanced dynamic images
  • Video transcriptions
  • Voice-enabled interfaces
  • Image captions
  • Focused elements

You should also give your users content and interfaces that are easy to read and make the site more aesthetic. More searches, over 50% are from mobile devices, so ensure that your website has a mobile-friendly interface.

A website design that would be relevant has to have elements that smoothly translate to both mobile and desktop devices. You may also need to consider videography and animations that are responsive to mobile devices.

Business Websites in 2021

8. Grid design

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Grid designs for websites are always changing, but more asymmetrical layouts are gradually becoming the preferred design. The CSS Grid Layout or Grid design involves a 2-D format with a coding language which describes the HTML site layout.

With Grid, you can create a more complex but responsive layout for web designs across different devices.

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Affordable and moders websire design trends

7. Bold fonts

Bold outlines and fonts are gradually becoming the preferred option in designing websites. The serif and san-serif fonts are becoming more popular. Vintage fonts are also becoming a part of branding. These fonts are now the main deal when it comes to landing pages, brand names, and areas on a website that needs obvious texts.

While choosing your font, make sure that it will be easy-to-read as this will considerably improve your user experience. Also, ensure that the font fits your audience, the goal of your business, and brand. You may decide to opt for any sans-serif font like Arial.

Good web designers would always consider the trends while designing any website. Different factors contribute to improving your website’s UX and generating more traffic. One of them is good website designs, so take advantage of these trends while designing your website to give your site a unique look.