Unique Website Design Trends for 2021

9 most unique website design trends for 2021

Unique website design trends

What web design style are you trying to achieve? Having a poorly designed website can hinder your sales and contribute to a negative user experience.

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The average website user may not notice, but web design trends have slowly changed.

Think about it, if you were to visit a website designed 15 years ago, you would immediately think it was terrible, old fashioned and not user friendly.

The design of a website is essential for many reasons and plays a vital role in business conversions. This is why website trends are adjusted to make websites more engaging and communication-oriented. They are also designed to help users achieve their needs quickly.

Research suggests that 2021 web design trends share a common theme, designers are seeking newer heights of realism. Primarily blending digital creativity with a minimalistic approach. Find out more on the unique website design trends.

Neumorphism become very popular in 2021. It uses skeuomorphism and material design concepts with a minimalist approach to create a 3-dimensional sense in buttons and other elements.

This trend was primarily superseded flat design, which uses colours and simplified icons in a less realistic but uniformly and quickly identifiable way.

Parallax animation

Web-based animation trends have been changing year after year, from micro-interactions to particle backgrounds.

In 2021, animations become more complex and separating page elements into background and foreground extremes to create a parallax effect.

The parallax effect creates an optical illusion that makes the viewer see the objects closer to them like they are moving faster than those farther away.

This website design creates depth by using foreground and background with the benefit of immersion to transform your computer screen into something similar to a theatre stage. When users navigate your web page, they are attracted to the performance so to speak and this increases engagement. Contact us for everything web design Canberra.


unique website design trends

Comfortable colours

What kind of unique website design trends are better for your business?

The increasing use of digital marketing and the digital nature of jobs has made people spend more time on their computers. Because of this, many users experience eyestrain after looking at their computers for an extended time. This is why web designers are moving toward using more subtle colour schemes, which are easier on the eyes. They stand out in the noisy world and make the internet more peaceable.

This 2021 trend of comfortable colours shows that web designers are going beyond the extreme dark and light web design to find a middle ground with soft colour palettes like pastel blue, warm brown, wholesome greens and even light pink.

These colours make the website less jarring and introduce a sense of calm and relaxation.

Gradient colour schemes

People love to see diversity in the web design as it makes it look unique and creatively engaging. When colours are involved, you can have hundreds of shades from one colour. Using the gradient colour scheme allows you make the best out of this shades in a unique way.

This web design feature is becoming more popular because it allows space for creativity and minimalism. This web design is used to achieve an analogue of motion design without animation.

Gradient colour schemes - web design trends

Abstract art compositions

Though abstract shapes, especially the geometric primitives like circles and squares, were regarded as minimalist, simple, and restrictive, designers have converted them into complex and sprawling compositions. Most people are now using these abstract web art designs to replace stock photography and figure illustrations. Though they often still have images of people, they can evoke emotions without them.

When used in web pages, abstract art compositions can make them feel expressive and alive, even with no familiar human faces.

Unique Website Design Trends

Three-dimensional colours

In a world where everything is becoming 3D, ranging from movies and images, colours also have to be transcended. Even after the gradient colour scheme has been highly appreciated in 2021, it feels like designers are still hungry for more colour translations.

With these 3-D colour transitions, you can design things so realistic like a fresh fruit on your computer that’s looks just like it is ready to be plucked.

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Scrolling transformations

When users scroll through a page, they do more than just navigating it; they interact. For instance, when they click their fingers on a mouse and see changes on the screen, it often feels like they are playing a role in this change.

This is why web designers are more and more using scrolling transformation to create visual feedback for users when they scroll. This transformation can range from changes in the full-colour scheme to animated transitions to wholesale shifts in the layout. With this design, you can make your viewers feel like they’re on a new page or website with just a scroll.

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Dark mode and lowlights web design

The dark mode is another hot web design trend in 2021.
Lots of people love dark mode, and it is used in many places ranging from theatres to apps.
Getting a low light or dark mode website design makes it suitable for users to use your site in a low light environment.

Designers created this trend to:


Give your website an ultra-modern and relaxed look


Save device batteries if your users have an OLED or AMOLED screen


Reduce eye strain in case of low light conditions


Allow highlighting and the popping of other design elements.

Flat design on minimalism

The world is becoming more minimalistic all the time, and hence web designers are also becoming more interested in the minimalistic approach.
Ranging from home decors, clothes, and even web pages, having too much of everything ruins it.

Using a flat design or minimalistic approach for your web page can hold your visitors longer since they have a cleaner space. This, too, will reduce your bounce rate.

This design makes you conscious of every item you use, whether an image, font or copy; all of them must be purposeful. You don’t need them if they don’t communicate a clear message.

Flat design has the following features


Hidden navigation

Navigation space

User-friendly interface

Using a maximum of three colours at once

Creatively using phones

Removal of excess details like shadows, textures, and colour transition


Web design trends are constantly changing, and keeping up with these trends can really help your business. Let’s face it you do not need to be a website designer to have a great website; you just need to work with one.

Get on trend today and contact us for all you web design needs. Web design Darwin, Web design Adelaide and others around Australia.


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