How to lower
the Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate and why would you want to keep in low?

How To Keep a Lower Bounce Rate of Your Post by Managing Expectations of Readers

The whole idea of digital marketing is hinged around having an audience that constantly subscribes to what you’re offering. While it’s difficult to get people to notice your business online, it’s harder to maintain their attention. Do you know that many site visitors use less than a second to decide if they’ll stay on your page or not? This is why you need to create easy-to-understand posts that are appealing enough to push visitors to spend more than a second on your page. The way you manage your readers’ expectation can show them how useful your posts are and go on to give you a lower bounce rate.

Table of contents

1.1 Include a Table of Contents
1.2 Engage a Table of Contents Block
1.3 Provide Read Time Estimate
2.1 Engage an Estimated Reading Time block
Make your Content Navigation Simple
3.1 Employ Titles and Headings that have Good Description
3.2 Make your Introduction Clear
3.3 Your Meta Description should not mislead
Keep Pop-ups Away
Use Call-to-actions that are convincing
Optimise your Brand Storytelling
Ensure the Expectations of your Readers are met

Now, let’s begin.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

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1. Include a Table of Contents

Traditionally, a book – textbook, for instance, will always have a table of contents that helps readers find and navigate chapters easily.
At a glance of the table of contents, you can quickly and without stress locate a topic. Even during an assignment, a table of content helps you search for answers that are likely in the textbook you’re using. In fact, you’ll know if the textbook can or cannot help you on that assignment because all its contents are displayed right there in the table of contents.

The same principle applies to online posts. Your readers will find it easy to scan or skim your posts when it has a table of contents. Should you have a lengthy post, navigation becomes simpler with a table of contents as it gives insight to all the post is about. Add one to your online posts today.

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Engage a Table of Contents Block

There are SEO tools that automatically create a table of content using the subheadings in your post. It is called a table of contents block. With this, hyperlinks that guide site visitors to the right paragraphs are created for each heading in your content. By simply clicking on this link, your reader gets to that part of your text they need to be.

Sections of your text on other pages can also be linked with these hyperlinks. It is so amazing. You can even edit and take out subheadings you don’t want in your text. Just click on the particular heading in the editor, and deactivate its HTML anchor under the tab Advanced.

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Provide an estimate of how long it will take to read the Post

Telling your readers how much time it will take to finish reading your post is a great way of managing their expectations. In fact, it shows expertise. Your visitors will know what to expect when they hit your page.

People want to know how long it is going to take them to read the article

Engage an Estimated Reading Time block

Just like the table of contents block, this SEO tool once added to your content, will calculate and display the estimated time of reading a post. It can be added whenever you like. Even if you edit your text, this block will give an updated reading time; how sweet!

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Make your Content Navigation Simple

Page title, headings, introduction, meta description and title are text elements you should clearly define. It helps readers grasp the purpose of your post fast and easily.

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Employ Titles and Headings that have Good Description

In a few words, let the entire content of your page be stated in the title. Make headings and titles appealing and concise. It improves readability.

Make your Introduction Clear

The key phrase of your post should be captured in the first few lines of your content – the part called introduction. Keep this as short as possible and let it compel readers to keep reading.

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Your Meta Description should not mislead

What will people find on your page? Your meta description – a piece of text following your title and URL that pops up in the SERPs tells readers what your page is about in a read. Keep this piece of information honest and catchy to attract readers to land on your page.

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Keep Pop-ups Away

Research shows that 70 percent of users get turned off by irrelevant pop-ups.
While it is a controversial issue, pop-ups distract readers and it’s a poor user experience. This leads to higher bounce rates.

Pop-ups work! But only when they’re well designed – it brings about more conversion.

What is your brand story telling your website visitors?

Optimise your Brand Storytelling

Reignite your brand with an honest, compelling, and good narrative. Readers want to see something that makes you unique. It could be a word or an image. The way you tell your story can connect the dots and appeal to users. Be clear in your expressions; tell stories that make customers the heroes – it works wonders.

Engage your readers with A-rated content and keep it real. It builds trust and gives users a better experience.

Will your visitor found what he was looking for?

Ensure the Expectations of your Readers are met

We’ve talked about how relevant it is to keep users connected by meeting their expectations. Table of contents, estimated reading time, etc. have been discussed. You may not apply all these at once; there are other relevant tips not mentioned here. Just find what works for your audience and employ them.

Hope you had a good read. Do reach out to us for more information.