11 Ways To Hit the Mark on Website Result Delivery

11 Ways To Hit the Mark on Website Result Delivery

How has business been so far? Have you been able to rake in more revenue and profit as planned? What did you plan but couldn’t carry out? These and many more are some of the questions you may be asking yourself as a business owner.

With the prevalent online market culture, your store (website) may not be allowing you to achieve results. Let’s face it. Putting your business on the web for potential customers to see, consider, and even patronise requires a website that can:

  • Deliver a sales pitch eloquently
  • Explain your brand narrative excellently
  • Measure the business performance
  • Provide just what your target audience need

It’s not too late to pause and check how well the business has been. The following checkers are a guide to website efficacy. We’ll discuss them to help you understand better.

What to do to hit the mark on website delivery

1. Tell your target audience how they can benefit from what you’re offering.

Website Result Delivery

Website Result Delivery

This aspect is quite challenging because most businesses focus more on what they can do than how they can help. You cannot achieve this feat without first having a unique selling point. So, what’s yours? Customers want to know they’re in the right place, why they should hang on and buy your products or hire your services. This is what makes your business different from the pack – an excellent competitive advantage!

2. Provide proofs

Website Result Delivery

Social Proof Content

Stopping at what you can do without any evidence for clients to trust your business is a nosedive. The reason why security and trust is so important in today’s business world is because customers have had bad business experiences. So, why should they believe you’re not a scam?

3 things can set you apart: reviews, testimonials, and case studies. They’re classified as social proof content. Testimonials are published comments and quotes on your website obtained directly from your customers. Case studies narrate the customer’s problem, your solution, and the result achieved. Reviews are star ratings that platforms like Google, Product Review, and Facebook give your business. It may not be easy to get social proof content which is why we’re offering to help if you don’t have the time to get feedback from real customers.

User Experience is a Key to Success

3. Can users buy easily from your website?

Present your key message in such a way that it’s simple to decode, arrange content in the right order, help users navigate your website, answer questions, clear doubts, learn from customer feedback, employ images, brief description, and CTAs on every page to guide visitors to do what you want, get more information from users, and finalise by making them buy or order. A website that talks but don’t listen will have zero conversion. Make your web content skimmable by using icons, bullet points, and lists.

4. Keep it real

Website Result Delivery

If you actually have a physical business location, it is mandatory that you add it to Location listings in the Google My Business Page. In the mind of users, your address has been verified by Google. So, they can access your office via Google Maps. You can even make a video of one business day at your office to show who you are, your activities, and your mode of operation. Video captures the mind of visitors as they see you for who you really are.


5. Steadily update your content

Freshly Updated Content Satisfies Users & Search Engines

It may be a turnoff to see that your current content is dated 2018. Freshly updated content satisfies users and search engines. To help do this, create a blog or an integrated news section. But you must be committed to posting new information. If you can do this every 1 or 3 months, it’s perfect.

If this isn’t possible, you can employ other methods to keep the website fresh:

  • Update or rewrite page content
  • Include new case studies
  • Add fresh feedback from customers
  • Include new videos and photos

6. Add a human touch to your website

Is Team Page Important?

A profiled team page with photos and videos is a smart way to be “you” in business. Remember that you’re a person dealing with other persons, so show them you’re human regardless of whether you’re in the B2B market servicing companies or B2C e-commerce brand. This opens up conversation a lot. Lastly, choose an important Digital Marketing Agency date and allow all staff to write their updated profiles – do it as a teamwork to create synergy and increase employees’ esteem.

7. Do you have a website that delivers value for data exchange?

The customers of this age are aware of their values to companies and don’t easily release their personal data. So, for your business to have a return on investment (ROI), it’s important to arrange into simple downloadable formats information, tools, checklists, or processes that will help customers’ buying decision. Nothing bonds a client like this technique, and they’ll be ready to provide their personal information. This entire concept is defined as a Lead magnet.

8. Have a professional website

The same way you like your physical staff looking sweet, friendly, and helpful, do so for your website. Make it navigable, user-friendly, clean, and easy. This reduces friction on your website and appeals to the now tech-savvy customers.

9. Secure your website

Apply Https Protocol to your website

Customers love business security regardless of how small or large the transaction is. This can be done by using the padlock represented by the address “https”. The “s” stands for secure. Doing this will increase your Google ranking, build customers’ trust and confidence, and increase lead generation. A secure website has a small padlock in the address bar of your browser which implies that the entire data sent and received there is encrypted. Non-secure website has a URL starting with “http” without the “s”. Since 2018, Google Chrome had started sending out a “non-secure” for websites not complying with the “https” protocol. Don’t want your visitors to bounce, apply this protocol.

10. Provide ease to contact

Easy Call to Action

Don’t allow users to struggle with calling your business on their mobile because of a problem with click and paste. Use click-to-call and fast access contact details. Present your contact page well and link it to Google maps for improved customer enquiries, satisfaction, and experience.

11. Increase your website ranking with Google and create better visibility

How Important is
Seo for your Business?

Let users find your website easily with SEO. A good SEO will require time, comprehensive strategy, and regular analysis. This may look huge, but a simple way to begin is by adding certain basic SEO components essential to all websites.

These include:

  • An XML sitemap – A background file for easy understanding of your website by search engines.
  • Optimised images – Adding large-sized images can cause slow website speed and affect your Google ranking. Image optimisation reduces size but not quality.
  • Take out broken links – Great UX and content have active links, and it’s important for search engines. So, remove any link that is broken or inactive.
  • Include a Privacy Policy, and Terms of use/service – The legitimacy and trustworthiness of a website is considered for
  • Google ranking, which is why these pages are important.
  • Include meta titles and descriptions – Usually, this information is added to the back-end of webpages, and often shows up on the Search Engine Result Pages. It’s a direct ranking factor.

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