WordPress Training Sunshine Coast

WordPress is a fantastic platform. I recently read somewhere that about ¼ of the internet runs on WordPress! That is an amazing number. That ranges from Blogs people set up, posted once and forgot to Corporate Behemoths like Disney, Renault & Mozilla that have specialist teams running them.

I have been working in web for over 10 years. I worked in two website design agencies where we had our own Content Management System (CMS). It wasn’t always as powerful as WordPress was at that time but it was easier.

Fast forward some years and now WordPress is not only vastly capable, incredibly robust, but unbelievably approachable too. It is a great platform to be on but like anything with power, it needs to be understood.

Of course there are layers of understanding. WordPress.org really learned how to graduate that understanding so if you only need to focus on the content (and really that is all you should be doing) then you need only know a fraction of all that makes a website work.

Back in that agency I ran the monthly training sessions as well as one-on-one WordPress Training Sessions for our client’s small businesses. People who invested in those sessions tended to do much better with their investment.

In my Medium Website, I include a Training Session on running your WordPress website. This of course covers the very basics like how to log in to your website, create new Pages or Posts, add words & images, video and links. This gets you familiar with your website as part of you, part of your business.

If you have another website package, or even another WordPress site you wish to get a handle on, I offer Training for $120.

Training can be held at your business office or in a coffee shop. I allow up to three (3) people to attend so you can build not only an internal support network but redundancy. I just ask you to bring your own laptop/s so we can make sure your machine is set up for easy access.

I also provide more information in other resources including continuing Website Design Tips in my Blog.

 Whilst talking optional Services, WordPress is very active with updates. You can do these yourself if you are confident. Or I can manage that for you with an on-going fee.

It is not so much about the fee as it is about being confident that your site is running the latest, safest, bug free versions of the platform so your website works well on desktops, laptops & phones; iOS and Android both.

WordPress training to manage your website

Managing your Business Website

Back to what we learned about having someone manage your website; it is best when you have one person responsible for maintaining your website. This way it isn’t assumed someone did it when no one did. Also when you find the right person, they will be delighted and that passion will show to your customers. The right person will care that everything is pixel perfect every time. They will be looking for ways to improve what “their” website delivers to the business.

Tip: commonly the best person to run your small business website is not an IT person or a salesman. The person you are looking for will probably be the person you notice reading Harry Potter or some enormous paperback with a lurid Sci-Fi cover at lunch. Websites may be about Sales & Marketing but Introverted personality types are often the best people to take them in hand as they more naturally understand the medium of words & rules, and like things to be executed perfectly. Share with them when the website has had a win like someone coming in to the showroom with printouts of the pages they made. You’ll thank me later for this advice.


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