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You have probably already come to a conclusion but here is some additional information to consider.

In the past, critics of WordPress have often invoked an aging code and a blog-oriented platform argument.

I would be lying if I said that the CMS code was perfect. Some bricks and concepts are over 15 years old! WordPress has from the start opted for strong backward compatibility, hence some code bricks a little outdated.

But in return, the updates, even major ones, unfold smoothly in 99% of cases and this is very significant. This is not the case, for example, with Drupal, which has a more modern code because each new major version brings a big rewrite of the code, making the extensions incompatible for a certain time.

I do not judge either of the two approaches, they each have their advantages and disadvantages, and each comes with compromises.

But I would say that despite some aspects of a little old CMS in its code (which is refined with each new version), WordPress is nonetheless a clean, robust solution that allows a thousands of applications.

Regarding the fact that it was originally “blog”  oriented and alas I hear this too often, it may be true, but since it’s humble beginnings it has come a very long way. You will discover this for yourself either through training or simply working with WordPress the immense possibilities available on the WordPress platform.

Finally in my opinion, WordPress is the most effective and easy-to-use solution and it’s the choice that will save time and money for your business or company.

WordPress Platform Explained

About WordPress…

Hands up all those who have been searching for an amazing content management system? WordPress is definitely the best option for most of you looking to build an amazing online presence as well as interacting with some awesome people. This is exactly what wordpress offers you as its valuable customer. Since the system recognizes you as a treasure, its developers saw it necessary to make it extra versatile to assist in customising your own designs for almost anything.

It is also absolutely free to join and maintain. WordPress will never ask you for a single penny. I found this absolutely amazing because when compared to the other options (competitors) it is way more impressive in terms of its features and tools. The functionality that this system comes with is yet to be Surpassed.

Whether you are looking for a system that can integrate with other systems and plugins,or for one that is a hub of functionalities that keep up with changing technology, WordPress is the best option for you. This explains why the site’s population keeps on growing everyday. At 70 million + subscribers ,the site has a huge community that you can readily join.

Here are a few more thoughts for you to consider.


1. It’s a Hub

It is a hub of diverse, ready made, customisable themes, plugins and templates.

No one can deny that WordPress continues to rule in terms of flexibility and diversity. The platform will give you a lot of themes to choose from, existing plugins and colour pallets.

2. Easy To Use

As I said earlier, WordPress is the perfect option for just about everyone. It is easy to sign up, you will be up and running, and in seconds you will have your first post released to the WORLD. You just sign up, then install your favorite theme, and finally add customisations to make your site look great. The site will have helped you avert the irritating and inconveniencing experience of trying to figure out the best system to get you started without any hassle.

3. It is open source & free!

With WordPress,there are no sign up or ongoing costs. It is absolutely free to set up an account with them, and in a matter of seconds, you will be up and running.

Being open source software, someone always has your back. The site allows the world to offer their suggestions, discover challenges, submit advancements and eradicate bugs in the system. I am sureyou see the advantages of this.

4. WordPress has a very supportive community

With WordPress, rest assured that whenever you encounter any difficulties there will always be someone there to help. The ‘mechanic’ is a just a click away. With thousands of developers and tons of resources, you can easily improve your design and enhance functionality like a pro.

5. It is here to stay

From the start, I could not wait to emphasise the functionality of WordPress. Being an easy to use software for everyone, it will always remain the one stop spot for those who are looking for the best content management system. It does not just come with great inbuilt functionality but can also be easily integrated with other systems.

6. MArketing tool

Currently, the site hosts over 70 million websites (and counting) for blogs, magazines, entertainment, creative, corporates e.t.c. From the fact that the population at WordPress keeps on surging everyday, we are able to predict that the site is here to stay.

Whatever your needs are, WordPress is the perfect option for you. You can do it yourself by signing up with WordPress.org or hire a WordPress Web Designer today to help you with this process. It is no doubt that everyone wants to stay around an amazing and supportive community. Try out WordPress today.

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