How Important is Introductory SEO in 2020

SEO Tactics That Will Help You Win on the Sunshine Coast in 2020

Why is Introductory SEO so Important Before Taking Your WordPress WebSite Live?

Do you have a brand new website? Are you just about to go live? Then you probably need introductory SEO! Stop thinking that you can just put it off until later.

The immediate benefits are real but when it comes to new websites, introductory SEO can also make a huge difference in the long run.

It will give your site an initial boost, and will also make it much easier to grow and expand your site later on – all in a way that will not disrupt its search engine rankings.

Initial, introductory SEO sends an important signal to Google: your website is professional, you are a serious business and you need to be treated seriously.

When your website is properly optimised, it also becomes easier for your first clients to search you by your name.

Let’s have a look at some examples of what you can fix or improve with the help
of Introductory SEO on the Sunshine Coast.

Title Tag & Meta Description Audit


A systematic examination of the title tags as well as meta description on every page of your website is always where I would start.

Ask yourself. Is the title readable and easily understood? What information does it convey? Does it bring attention? Is it even there?

Experience shows that titles can almost always be improved.

Good titles are more important than they seem. Remember that uninformative, unreadable and bland titles make users scroll past (they just go to other sites).

When constructing your meta descriptions make sure you use your keywords as well as an explanation of what this particular page is about. If you don’t add meta descriptions to your page Google will pick a sentence from your page and use this in search results. This may not always be advantageous or even convey what you would like. Writing good meta descriptions is absolutely crucial in attracting more visitors to your website.

Do poorly written titles really result in lost visitors? Of course they do, but not only that. Google systematically lowers the position of websites that users don’t click on. So bad titles are also bad for SEO, they cause your site to go down in rankings.

Authoring markup and schema implementation

Perhaps you noticed that Google displays additional information next to some sites. Such information can include: author’s name, star rating, product price, location, and much more. It can even include additional links to the same site. This information is encoded in the so called Schema Markup format and is provided by the site (it’s contained in the html code).

The benefits of such exposure speak for themselves: snippets of useful, relevant information naturally draw attention. Of course, users prefer to click on links that show additional content. So this is pretty important, it brings new visitors and increases visibility by a huge margin. Does your website have Schema Markup? Even if it does it could probably use some professional fine tuning by Suncoast Media your SEO Sunshine Coast specialist to stand out among your competition.

Internal linking audit


Internal links are among the most basic forms of SEO, but also among the most important. Good internal linking can naturally increase your website’s position in the search engine.

Depending on how your pages are interlinked, Google attributes value to them and directs visitors to your site. Internal linking is also good for general usability: users stay on your site longer when they’re encouraged to go from one page to another.

The Complete Guide to SEO Sunshine Coast for 2020

images optimisation for speed and SEO

Images are a very important SEO factor, it is absolutely crucial you add images to your content, not only do they bring your content to life and will possibly help your readers understand your content better but they will also help you rank better.

It is a great idea to use images that are unique. It is sometimes easier to use stock photos or graphics but if you can use something you have taken yourself it will make your article that much more appealing.

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when optimising your images for Search Engines.

1. Image file name.

Instead of using image1.jpg, image2.jpg you should always add keywords to the file name. So let’s say the page is about SEO, I would name my images, for example, SEO-Sunshine-Coast.jpg to help Google understand that this image is relevant to the content on this page.

2. Choose the format of the images based on how you want to use them.

– images with .jpg extension should be used for larger photos or illustrations.
– .png’s are usually used if you want your background to be transparent
– for smaller file sizes you can use WebP images.
– for logos and icons ideally .svg

3. File size optimisation

Always resize images to the size that you want to use on your website. If your images are too big in size it will slow down the speed of your page, there for decreasing the user experience as well as your chances for ranking higher. It is Recommend that you compress your images so it is served in the smallest file size possible.

4. Adding Alt Tags

It is possible that for some reason your images do not display correctly for your website visitor. This is when alt tags would show up instead of the image. Alt tags are used for that purpose mostly but it is also a great opportunity to add your keywords and sentences that you like to rank for.

These are just some examples of what your new website may need before going live. There are many, many more tasks to do for proper  SEO: things like speed optimisation, crawl error audit, image optimisation and others. It’s always better to trust competent SEO Experts and SEO Professionals. Suncoast Media with their SEO and Website Design Services Sunshine Coast can bring out the best in your new Sunshine Coast website before it goes live.

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