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What is SEO & Why it is important

Search Engine Optimasation

 What is SEO and why is it important to expand on it after the website goes live?

My Facebook feed is full of adverts for SEO services that make some pretty wild claims about what they will do for me if I only hire their service.

Sadly this sort of thing probably does more damage than good for most people.

Let us start by stepping back so that we are really sure what SEO is before we allow ourselves to be bamboozled.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the way that you help Google to see your site as the right answer for questions related to what you do.

Organic Search results are still the king of search.

Google regularly sends “bots” scuttling around the net, reading content, following links and generally trying to index & understand what is found so people who ask questions like “where can I get good SEO on the Sunshine Coast” get good answers.

SEO is never about strange processes which attempt to fool users into going to websites that they otherwise would have no interest in visiting. That is referred to as “Black Hat” as it is more Darth Vader than Luke Skywalker. Never make your online business processes more about what you want than how you can solve your customer’s problem.

Search Engine Optimasation Sunshine Coast

SEO Sunshine Coast


Initial SEO tends to be based around ways to make sure that Google finds & understands your new website. As a local Sunshine Coast Business, primarily focused on Affordable Website Design and SEO for websites I, of course, want my pages to be seen as good answers for related questions.

Making sure that all content reflects my message helps Google understand my website. This is done inside text as well as in Tagging of images, pages and the whole website itself. The latter are less vital now as Google mostly focuses on the on-page text users can read. Links however are still a vital part of the game.

A single page with good inbound/outbound links to relevant content will outrank 20 pages with scattered content and no links (to popular websites with matching content).

You can directly alert Google about your new website, business location, opening times etc. which is good to do. But Google will also find your website if you have inbound links.

These help establish relevance for the newly found information.

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Many people forget that the web is a living thing. Google sends bots out all the time. The more often Google sees a website getting new content, the more the website is considered alive. Many website owners still think in print terms: print it, done. Set & forget sites (especially those with no inbound links) tend to rank very poorly. They don’t perform well in Search.

Keep your website growing, changing and evolving with new content. Redesign your Home page every now & then. In-between, alter content like new products, business achievements and of course Blog posts. Daily, weekly, or monthly – in that order – are best.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies! Why? It targets users who are already actively looking for your products and services online, allowing you to shift unnecessary spend and eliminate advertising that isn’t working!

Contact me directly to discuss the SEO services I offer.

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