Differences between website development and website design 2020

Website Design vs Website Development

Web designing and development are connected, they’re inseparable together but they’re different in their own ways.

The website designer decides how the website will look and designs the looks of it and makes it the way he/she believes it’ll look the best, while the website developer sunshine coast makes the website work, he’s the person who actually makes the website function.

Let’s discuss some of the main characteristics of a website designer and a website developer:

Who is a website designer?


  • Designing the look of the website;
  • Communicating with the web developer in order to achieve a good connection between looks and work;
  • Communicating actively with the client, so he/she can have the idea of how the client wants the website to look and function;

Who is a website developer?

  • Makes the website function;
  • Follows the instructions the client gave, for the website;
  • Communicates with the website designer for maximal results;
  • Communicates actively with the client for the website;
  • Does the work behind the design;

These are the main functions of both – the web designer and the web developer, but why is it so important both to be in a synchronised environment?

It is an essential part of the website development, they both need to be focused and work together in one direction, in order to complete the website in the best way and how the client wants it to be, or at least be as close as the client’s vision about the website.

Reasons for a synchronised environment for web developer and web designer

1. Better results – With this being said, the website outcome will be way better instead of a messed up, not synchronized done work.

2. Looking at the same direction – An essential part of the website development, both the designer and developer should be looking at the same direction, to be on the same page mentally and professionally so they can develop the website in a good manner.

3. The work for the website is done good – This is really important as it’ll be the product the client wants or at least is really close to his idea (keep in mind sometimes the client wants unrealistic visions, that’s why the designer and developer of the website should explain the things very well and whether if it’s possible or not).

Despite the fact that the website designer and developer are different in their nature, the goal is one – a good website creation. That’s why they should always work together and try to get the best out of their ideas, sometimes they could exchange ideas as well, this is very helpful in a situation where the client wants an unrealistic vision, so they could find the best way to create the website and it could be as close as the desired vision the client has.

Website Development Sunshine Coast for 2020

Designing a website is more like art, developing a website is more like math.

These are the biggest differences in a web designer’s and web developer’s work. Think of them as disciplines, in order to get a grasp on the nature of these two. When you’re designing a website, you think more as an artist of how you want it to look and how you think will catch the eye and look good, its a lot like drawing, while the developing of a website is more like making the things function, through texts and numbers. The actual function of the website is relying on your coding and your sense of developing the website.

None is more important, both are equally important

Some people may believe the web developer is more important as he is the one actually develops the website, while this could be true if you’re creating your own site or a blog, this is not true when it comes to making a website for a client, Then the website should be made with a precise technique and devoted skills, you should think about every project as your best work, so you can do the best work for your client.

Two professions, one goal

This is exactly how it should be when you see or hear “A website designer and a website developer”. These are two different professions, yet they aim at one goal, to satisfy the needs of the client, to achieve and create a good website, that looks good and functions perfectly. But why sometimes there are misconceptions between these two? Let’s discuss some of the main reasons for that.

  • The web designer and developer aren’t on the same page about the project – This could happen very easily, especially when the team is not used to working together;
  • There are conflicts about the project – In this case, it is best to discuss the conflicts and solve the problems if possible, both sides should sit down and talk through their ideas and conflicts they might have;
  • Differences in their professional level – This is probably one of the toughest problems that may occur in the web designer’s and web developer’s work, the difference on the professional level could be a big problem for the whole project, there may be discrepancies between their work and that could cause major problems for the project they’re working.

The website designer and website developer are working together to get the most out of their ideas, so they could provide a good website for the client.

Sometimes it’s hard to have a balance for them to work, but once they find it then the work becomes way easier and they achieve very good results. It is very important and essential to not separate these two – the web designer and the web developer as they are meant to be working together.


 The key differences are that the designer of the website makes the looks of it and the developer of the website makes it function. So the notion that there are no differences between a web designer and web developer, is very wrong and should not be considered as true.

It’s very evident that these two professions are working together and it’s very easily seen if they haven’t been working together, the designer knows how it’ll look best, the developer knows how to make it work, so they indeed need to be addressed as the real website creators, but together.

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