SEO Articles Writing Tips

SEO Articles Writing Tips

SEO Articles

Before we go into what SEO articles are, it’s important to understand what the acronym SEO means. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a content curating strategy that is aimed at boosting your website to a high ranking on search engines for specific words and phrases considered important to your niche.

What is an SEO article?

When we talk about SEO articles, we refer to online publications characterised by specific keywords that will help create visibility of the content to search engines for these relevant keywords.

For instance, if you operate a plumbing business on the Sunshine Coast, you would probably like your site to show up on the top page of search results for queries like “Sunshine Coast plumbing company”.

SEO articles are among one of the many techniques you can adopt to make your content more visible online.

How to write SEO articles

Find out how to write Seo articles for your website

This can be achieved by simply writing a blog for your website. You will need to ensure that contained in the blog are action words (keyword phrases) especially in relevant areas like the general title of the blog, the initial paragraph, and subheadings.

Structure of an SEO article

Optimisation however demands more than just arranging the structure of an SEO article. It encompasses the images included in the content which may be just pictures or infographics, the added hyperlinks, and the sharing options for the article.

50 percent of SEO article creation is achieved when you write quality content. The remaining 50 percent is ensuring you get the right links (internal and external links).

Guest posts

You may leverage on writing a guest article for a well-known website that is related to your niche. However, it comes down to what your goals are. If you do create guest articles, be sure to get a lot of backlinks from them.

What to consider when writing SEO articles

Experience and a certain level of skill are usually required when writing SEO articles. The technicality of producing articles that get search engine visibility involves creating a balance between positioning the key phrases in the places that matter most and ensuring the content is appealing.

The procedure is complex and requires strategic planning to succeed. It will take a considerable amount of time. But at the end of the day, your website traffic will increase.

SEO articles Sunshine Coast

Consider the following when writing Seo Articles:

Your audience.

This is your primary concern. Know who your audience is, their interests, and any questions they may have. Now, answers these questions or excite their interest in your article. Whether you are writing about your services, products or for your audience, make sure your posts are related to your niche. Show how special you are by creating engaging content better than anything your competition is doing.

Keyword phrases.

From your headlines to the body of your articles, include sufficient keywords that are important to give search engines and users a clear picture of your content intent. Consider using blog tags. Tag a couple of important keywords for your individual posts. You may find in-built tagging features on many general blogs


A keyword-rich and concise headline is an attraction to search engines. Keep meta descriptions and titles clear and interesting. Create headlines that spark user action keeping in mind that meta title and descriptions are components of your article displayed by search engines.


Post format.

How you present your posts matter. You risk losing visibility with poorly organised posts. Organise your post effectively for users with easy to read headlines. Work on your post back-end for search engines. To tag headlines well, use the right tag arrangements: H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles.


Users love visuals. Impress them with interesting pictures on your posts. If you have a Pinterest account, you can pin image-blog posts – this is another website traffic trigger.

Website credit.

When you retain original content in your domain name, your site takes the credit and attracts traffic. For instance instead of posting your blog with Blogger or WordPress, do it with your personal domain. Embroil original content such as infographics or videos in your website and have them shared from there.


Google authorship.

Want to appear in feature snippets, link content to an author using Google authorship. A Google+ account is all you need. Your articles will then be displayed in the SERPs as rich snippets presenting the photo of the author and title of the article. This tool is useful to promote your personality and can increase your article CTR (click-through-rates). Are you an author? Consider establishing your website authorship.

How to optimise SEO articles.

People can easily discover your articles when you optimise them for search engines.

Optimising your Seo Articles

seo article writing tips

These are some points to help you do this.

1. Ensure your article has a title easy to crawl by search engines.

Do this by adding 1 to 2 topic-related keywords within your title’s first 65 characters. Create short titles if possible. Then include a phrase from your article title to the first or second sentence in your overview.

2. Keep your overview optimised.

Let the first two sentences in your overview carry keywords and solutions users are looking for. This is because search engine results usually present just the first two sentences. Let your keywords appear 3 to 5 times because the aim of your overview is to expose the theme of your article to users in a concise manner.

4. Spread keywords all over your article.

Add keywords (single words or phrases) to your title once or twice. Your overview can carry 3 to 5 keywords, while the keyword fields can take 5 to 7 keywords.

5. Add Headings with keywords

Your headings should carry keywords as they tell search engines what your article is about.

6. Use Google AdWords and Google Trends to find particular keywords.

Both SEO and A&I services need keywords.

4. Let your article carry keywords familiar within your type of writing.

  • Use keywords naturally and allow them to blend freely within sentences in your article. Don’t repeat keywords too often. Keyword stuffing will decrease your article online visibility
  • Apply consistency. Make reference to names and initials of authors consistently in your entire article. Let your article be consistent with any initial online publications.
  • Build links. See that your article is linked to all your social media handles and websites. Google ranks high and displays articles having plenty of internal links. Try and get links from authoritative sites and individuals – it makes your content highly valued. Remember to return this favour.


SEO is increasingly relevant in today’s digital market. Knowing how to optimise your content for SEO is critical to success in online marketing and brand building. Need help with SEO article writing and optimisation? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of SEO professionals.

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