Why Bother with website in 2020?

Why would I bother having a website in 2020?

What’s in it for me?

These are actually very good questions and very valid. It is easy to feel railroaded into having a small business website or social media presence when you don’t really know why you are there or what to do when you are.

“Why” is one of the best words in the English language. “Why” is the beginning of learning and understanding. Provided you look for answers and apply them to your situation that is. Knowledge is useless when it stands alone, as is a website design. It is when you have a purpose and apply that knowledge that you can do amazing things.

The first question we may ask is: why do you have a small business here on the Sunshine Coast? I expect that answers will be somewhat similar to mine; I live here with my family, I need to make a living, and this business represents the best way I can help people solve their needs.

The second question is: how do you find the right customers? Obviously, I have a website (as you are reading it right now) to: a) let people find me through the power of Google, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and b) a place where I can present who I am and what I do as a Sunshine Coast Small Business Web Design service.

Potential customers can learn about me and select themselves in or out of being more interested in my business based on information they can take in on their own time (and toilet if so inclined).

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Website benefits

If either of those Q & A strike a chord with you then it is entirely possible that a website may be of benefit to you. You can just rush in and use one of the free services (that aren’t always as free as you think they are going to be) and whack up some stuff about you and call it done. This brings us back to that very first paragraph where in the second half I spoke about knowing what to do once you have your website turned on.

The web, and people’s behaviours, have changed quite a bit since the late 90’s when most of us started this journey. People are a lot less forgiving these days, they have their expectations and will bail on anything that doesn’t meet expectation in a few seconds, no matter how great the actual content. You have to work hard to get and keep eyes against that sort of judgment.

Having a website designed by a local professional helps you to find relevant ways to help the right customers find, collate and action the information they want from your small business. Websites are not built of Templates, but “Content – the stuff in the box – your information about what problems you can help people solve, how and for how much.

These days even if looking for a relatively simple service like a hairdresser to cut the boys’ hair, I will look at Google. If they don’t have a website, they simply don’t exist. It can be a simple Business Card if they are a simple business, a One-Page Website Design  if they have a bit more going on, or a full blown Blogger’s monster if they are a specialist in something.

The question really is now not so much “What does it cost?” as

“How much will I benefit?”

Either way, whatever form it takes, a website lets me know they are there, what they can do for me, and where they are (or at least a Contact method if location is irrelevant). Websites also let me compare competitors by the information they give and the style they use as they do it.

The question really is now not so much “What does it cost?” as “How much will I benefit?” from having a well-designed website for my Sunshine Coast Small Business?

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