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Why Choose SunCoast Media as your Website Provider?

In any marketplace there are many providers competing for your attention & dollars. They all tell you they are “The Best”. How do you decide for your Sunshine Coast Business Website Design?

The most successful way of choosing the right solution for your needs is to start by understanding what those needs really are.

A common mistake people make when looking at Web Marketing is to look at technology, fashion & price.

Below are some of the most interesting web design trends for 2021.

This is a rather back-to-front method that leads to poor outcomes far more often than not. Technology is a tool, fashion is a metric, and cost is relative.

This is what the term “Design” in the phrase Website Design means: understand the problem and design a solution. It is the same level of understanding and attention to detail that goes into any machine, like your car.

With Design, technology is returned to being a solution, fashion is irrelevant, your genuine customer’s needs are paramount. Why would you even have a website? Having the right website for your business need is what solves the problem. The better you can define the problem, the better you can focus the solution.

This is one of my defining characteristics; I have worked in the web space for a very long time, both in Agencies and as a Freelancer. I have seen people pile up technologies & pretty designs and fail.

I have seen people focus on what their problem is, create focused solutions and win. I prefer the latter every time – this defines the way I work.

Maths for Masters

This is how you define the cost decision: if it saves you 8 hours a week that is 8 times your hourly rate against the cost.

If you are worth $30 per hour that means any solution that costs up to $240 per week is a good solution. If your website helps you qualify or otherwise land one client a month worth $500, it means that you can invest up to $500 per month to achieve a good solution. Less is nice indeed, but only so long as it doesn’t shave off more results then costs.

That is, if you shave off $5 of cost but reduce return by $10 then it is an unwise trade, no matter how attractive that initial $5 seems.

Affordable Website Design Sunshine Coast

As I have spoken about before my combination of past experience, the WordPress platform, access to complimentary specialists, and being a freelancer, puts me in a strong position to assist you in understanding your business needs and designing the right solution.

Being a local Web Designer here on the Sunshine Coast makes me local to you and most of your customers. We can meet to discuss your needs. I can come into your business and feel your processes. I can provide hands on WordPress Training & Support. If there is something you don’t understand, or want to run by me, we can sit down for coffee.

Then of course, I always offer my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or all your money back! You have nothing to lose. Let me sit with you to help you understand how SunCoast Media can build your business website success today.