Stages of Web Design Process

Web Design Process Stages

Although there are a lot of web design companies, highly experienced ones follow the same basic steps.

If you are planning to order a website, here are the basic steps for the design and hosting of your website.

There are several steps involved in creating a website.

There are several steps involved in creating a website. I probably cannot emphasis a customers involvement enough. Not only that your website should be aesthetically pleasing, functional  and professional but you should love your website. Too much? I guess maybe a little. I say this because if you are in love with your website you will want to create articles, insert images as well as produce and then showcase your videos. Website should be treated as a central online platform.

Remember, you are in total control of your website, as you collect a following you will have full access to email addresses and contact details you gather. It’s you who is in charge of your contacts not Facebook or other platforms.

This is very important to remember, if you build a following on Facebook for example and Facebook changes one of their algorithms in the future you will lose some of that following there is nothing you will be able to do about it. If you have a website you can collect your own following by asking people to subscribe.   

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Domain Name

The Website design process begins with a good domain name. There are several factors involved. Choose something catchy & easy to remember.

Sometimes it is beneficial to add your location. You may provide your domain name or brainstorm with your website designer to create one. It is better to use a domain name that explains the purpose of the website.       

Design Brief

Give a brief on the purpose of your website and how you want it to work. Think about what kind of services would you like to include in your website. Is it going to be a one-page website or a multi-page one? The purpose of the site will also determine its design, what plugins would be used to showcase your organisation, and individual features. In other words, the brief should be a clear description of the purpose of the website and how it will work. I also recommend to search the net for things you like in the website and things you dislike.

Website build

Based on the specific website brief, a completed design is presented to clients online. What follows is often the longest part of the process as it may require substantial back and forth between designer and client. The aim being to ensure customer satisfaction, but don’t worry I’ll walk you through this process.

The structure of any website is of considerable importance as the easier it is for Google bots to crawl through the higher the site will rank.

Content insertion

After the design process, content is inserted to all appropriate pages of the website. Typically I’ll ask you to prepare content for your website, as generally The best person to write about your business is you. This is a vital part of the website.

Remember, all marketing and SEO techniques can only bring visitors to your website when you have quality content.     

Initial SEO

These days, developing and hosting your website is only half the job. It simply must be optimised for search engines as there are thousands of websites competing in every niche. Ideally you need to begin to optimise your website even before you launch it. That is why initial Search Engine Optimisation is included with each of my web packages.

Going Live

This is the final stage. When the initial SEO activities are completed, you can now have your website hosted by a reputable web host with high redundancy. This means that your web host should have multiple backup servers to retrieve your data quickly in case is of any loss.

In summary, the basic steps involved in web design are choosing your domain name, providing a design brief, building your new website, styling your pages & content insertion, initial SEO.

Going live! EXCITING! Keep in mind that even after going live, you should continue to adopt additional SEO strategies to keep boosting the search engine ranking of your website.

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