Why WordPress Training

WordPress training

Not everyone who has created a website in WordPress has received formal training. Yet, here are some reasons to consider completing a training course:


  • You want a quality site, complying with standards and utilising advice from creative specialist.
  • I will assist you in organising and structuring your site.
  • Save time. With the assistance of a trainer at your side, you can complete tasks 5 to 10 times faster than going it alone.
  • You will only use recommended and verified extensions.
  • Your Website will be safe and secure.
  • You want a professional website with WordPress…

sI offer free WordPress Training with every Medium Website Package. I believe that everyone should be able to edit their website easily and make simple changes as required. When you can create blog posts and add valuable content to your website this is when you are going to change the course of your websites rankings. There is nothing as appealing to Google as fresh content on the particular topic. Write as if you were a specialist in the field (ideally you are a specialist in that field) of your expertise.

If you happen to chose one of the other website packages and the WordPress Training is not included in your package, I will also show you how to login to the back end of your website, how to edit pages, make text changes as well as images changes. This would be somewhat brief but I always tell my customers, I am here and if you like more of a Training with your particular installation, I will always be happy to assist. I do offer one on one WordPress training sessions for $120, the session last at least 2 hours. I will even come to your home so we can use your computer to do the training as this will let you familiarise yourself with your website environment.

If you already have a website written in WordPress and you are simply looking for someone to just show you around and teach you what are the particular elements of your particular installation I will also be able to assist. Contact me today to chat about your WordPress Training needs.

WordPress platform is used by big global companies

Companies that use WordPress

  • The Renault group uses WordPress for its Corporate website: Renault.
  • Canal + uses WordPress for its news sites like Détours and Jack :
  • The World Disney Company giant: Disney
  • And even the blog of the Mozilla Foundation: Mozilla

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