Why WordPress Training

WordPress training

Not everyone who has created a website in WordPress has received formal training. Yet, here are some reasons to consider completing a training course:


  • You want a quality site, complying with standards and utilising advice from creative specialist.
  • I will assist you in organising and structuring your site.
  • Save time. With the assistance of a trainer at your side, you can complete tasks 5 to 10 times faster than going it alone.
  • You will only use recommended and verified extensions.
  • Your Website will be safe and secure.
  • You want a professional website with WordPress…

WordPress platform is used by big global companies

Companies that use WordPress

  • The Renault group uses WordPress for its Corporate website: Renault.
  • Canal + uses WordPress for its news sites like Détours and Jack :
  • The World Disney Company giant: Disney
  • And even the blog of the Mozilla Foundation: Mozilla

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