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The latest web design trends

The only thing not subject to change is change itself. With the advent of new technological schemes and trends, web designs are actively involved in this whirlwind of change.

Designers today are playing extreme games, trying to leave a mark by reinventing and upgrading designs all for the best experience of the users. However, just like every other thing, some world-class designs are here to stay and do not look like they are going anywhere soon.

That said, what are we to expect from web designers in 2021? What are the current trends ruling the design world? This is the information we bring to you in this article. Some of these trends include: dark mode, Personality-adding designs, Brilliant 3D elements, White Spacing, Bold Fonts.

The phenomenal dark mode is quite a sensation in the web design world today. This is simply a low light user interface, which is usually with the colour black or a dark shade of grey. It is sought after by most users, as it seems to increase the user experience on sites. Some of the perks of the dark mode background include;

  • Reduced eye strain, especially in areas with low light, or during the night. Clearer vision gets more work done.
  • Saved battery life: the high number of black pixels used by dark mode automatically consumes less energy.
  • The increased focus by keeping things simple and reducing prospective distractions that come with colours.
  • Makes design elements more vibrant.
    So you see why the dark mode is readily welcomed by users. You might want to consider jumping on the dark mode trend for your site.
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Personality-adding designs

Websites do not have to be represented by impeccable, inhuman, unerring designs. Studies have shown that people have a higher tendency of connecting to imperfect designs. This is why the hand-drawn designs are being introduced into the web design world today. You no longer have to use tools that eliminate all mistakes and make your work stand out as perfect, but you can now add a touch of your personality to your website. Exciting, right?!

By inserting hand-drawn icons and elements on your site, you get the opportunity to display your emotions, connect more with your audience and add a level of uniqueness to your site. You will see more imperfect designs on websites, and you should consider joining this brilliant, high-converting trend. You should note that everything needs to be done in moderation. An over-stuffed, hand-drawn design filled, unserious looking site will communicate one thing — incompetence.

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Brilliant 3D elements

The depth that is associated with 3D designs is everything. 3D elements have a way of trapping visitors to a site, especially when they are done very well. Everyone likes to see an expanse of realness in a site, and 3D designs can produce this kind of realness for your site from the depth it displays. For this reason, websites that have 3D designs enjoy more engagement as compared to others with 2D, flat designs which are unable to show all parts of an image.

Designers are now adding the roam feature to the 3D table. This experience takes the users to yet a higher level of interaction involving the entire senses. You can only expect positive results from this kind of interaction. This technology has always been attractive but was restricted by the huge pricing attached. The absence of the NASA-tier equipment in the 3D designing process has made it more accessible by a lot of designers.

However, do not also forget to apply the ‘less is more’ technique here, as 3D elements can be quite heavy, bringing an amount of load speed reduction. Having a lot of 3D elements on your site can defeat the purpose of effectiveness by reducing your site user experience.

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Web Design New Trends

White Spacing

There is always something calming about white space. Apparently, this also applies to web designs as the white space trend is fast picking up interests. Designers make use of white spacing to give their designs a neat, structured look. This is super helpful as it gives a pop to the content of the site embedded in the white spacing.

This white spacing idea is not very far from the minimalism idea of designs as seen in print papers and magazines. This creates a concentration level on the content of your site, wading off any distractions that could accompany multicolour, and serving as a sort of balm to the eyes of viewers. With white space, people can easily pick out information from the site, helping them locate what is essential.
In 2020, expect white spacing on sites.

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Bold Fonts

The blow-out of Sans serif fonts like Poppins, Noto Sans, Nunito, Heebo and the rest in 2019 was huge. In 2020 and 2021, you can expect even more statement-making fonts. Gone are the days when people were restricted to few, popular fonts.

Now, bolder fonts are making their marks, especially since bold, visible fonts will increase user experience. Your text readability will have a lot of effect on your site’s UX, so you cannot afford to miss this.

In 2020, you can expect to see more bold fonts in web designs. Bold types are visible in a lot of important sections like the brand names and the landing pages where the texts are expected to be dominating on the screen. When choosing fonts, ensure that your fonts blend well with your content and not contrast them.

The goal of the design is to have the best user experience on one’s site. You can expect to see more changes and upgrades in the web design world. Your site does not have to be stiff and restricted. You can experiment and find what works for you, bring your personality into your site, and generate more traffic.

A great web design should not be underestimated as this can create a positive change for any site. Remember that moderation is key. The availability of these new trends does not give you the leverage to make use of them in excess, as your site is bound to suffer from this.

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