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Reliable Web Hosting

Having Your Website On A Fast, Reliable Hosting That Is Not Shared

The essence of web hosting is to make a website accessible to all devices on the web. The moment a website has been hosted, anyone can easily find it by searching for the domain name of the site. The speed of your website will affect your site’s UX. A slow website will reduce user experience, further affecting the reliability, hence the amount of traffic to the site.

Shared hosting is great for beginner-level websites. Since all domains share the same server resources, the price for one is low. Now, one major problem of shared hosting is the lack of security. Since shared hosting offers the least privacy among all hosting types, the security becomes a problem, especially on sites that are hosting businesses which require high security.

If your site needs good security, then you might want to consider upgrading to a fast and reliable website that can give you the security you need. A VPS (Virtual private server) or a VDS (virtual dedicated server) can give this security. The use of virtualisation technology makes it possible for the sites to make use of individual resources, thus increasing its speed and providing an easy user experience.

A dedicated server hosting is another excellent choice for a fast reliable hosting that is temporarily owned exclusively by one site. It, therefore, goes without question that this is one of the most expensive hosting options on the web. However, the results are always worth the cost.

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The initial purpose of Cloudflare was primarily for security. However, during a maintenance fixing session, the team in charge stumbled upon the ability for Cloudflare to increase the loading speed of other websites. This was quite a discovery and in fact, the first step towards their long journey to their present stage.

Cloudflare is a web performance company which enables websites to load faster with the help of their numerous, multi-located data centres, and also prevents harmful bots and crawlers from their invasion on sites. It is a Content Delivery Network (CDN), giving it the numerous advantages associated with all CDN networks. Due to the effectiveness of this network in the improvement of the performance and services of all sites, Cloudflare is unsurprisingly one of the biggest internet operating networks. In addition to the CDN services they provide, they also provide DDoS mitigation, Internet security services and domain-name server distribution.

With their security, they prevent SQL injection, identity theft and other harmful actions that can occur on a site. They will easily deny suspicious content, harmful bots, the unhealthy flow of traffic, and access to your site. With the use of this helpful network, you can control the traffic in and out of your site. You can tell when your site is being threatened. The uniqueness of Cloudflare is tied to the fact that it is not a hosting provider. Also, it has easy adaptability to the regular webmaster. This relieves you from the task of being a compulsory tech-savvy person before you can monitor your site traffic.


SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol that is encryption-based. SSL is also called TLS, and a website that uses SSL has HTTPS (encrypted connection) instead of HTTP (Insecure connection). It provides a high level of privacy for its users.

An SSL certificate is a data file that is hosted in a website’s origin server. It is this certificate that makes the SSL encryption possible, enabling the user to move from HTTP to HTTPS. Any device that intends to interfere with HTTPS sites will have to access this certificate first. The certificate contains pertinent information like the identity of the website, the public key, the certificate issuer, associated sub-domains and related information which will aid the verification of the website owner and encrypt the web traffic with SSL.

While the public key of the website can be found in the SSL certificate, the private key is always kept hidden and safe. Websites with SSL certificates are usually more credible than those without one. Also, with the level of security in use, an owner will protect the website from false duplication, attacks and other possible harmful actions.

Valid SSL certificates can be obtained from a certificate authority- a trusted organisation responsible for the issuance of the certificate. After the issuance, the certificate is then installed and activated on the origin server of the website. The activation will allow the load over of HTTPS, providing safety to all the site traffic.

What is a FAVICON?

A favicon is a small website icon that appears next to the website address in the browser. This icon is a unique representation of the particular web page or website.

What does it mean to have your website design responsively?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a way of website development that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of your website while being visited using different devices. The screen size and its orientation is being detected and the version appropriate for that device is shown.

What would you use a blog post module for?

The best way to grow your website’s content is by creating relevant articles. Blog post Module would help you with this task immensely. Visitors of your website will be able to search through your articles and keep up to date. This feature is optional with any website package.

What is an initial OnSite Search Engine Optimisation?

There is several factors that will help your pages rank better on Google & Bing. When the website is full of content and images as well as videos I can conduct initial OnSite SEO before taking the site live. Each page should be optimised for different keywords, starting with Title Tag & leveraging SEO-friendly URL, creating informative meta description, adding headings and subheadings, optimising images and videos, adding internal and external links.