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Website design as per the definition refers to the preparation of the design of the website for displaying on the internet. It is mostly to do with the end user experience rather than the software that has been used to produce the website. As the internet is ever evolving modern website designs must include layouts not only for desktop computers but also for tablets and mobiles.

These particular designs are called responsive or adaptive designs and are highly regarded by Google. It is imperative your website layout is designed for and works well on all devices while still remaining as consistent as possible when displayed on those different devices. This is crucial to sustain user trust and engagement.

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There are multiple aspects to consider when designing a website: webpage layout, content production, and graphic design just to name a few. Client involvement is highly recommended as the primary job of the website designer is to produce a website that is technically sound as well as conveying the owners intentions to their customers. Your website should be easy to use for the end user (website visitors, potential customers & current customers), aesthetically pleasing and it should also have all relative information right there at the point of the mouse or finger.

Our society has often become very impatient and demanding. You website must work perfectly on all devices as it is crucial in removing any point of potential user frustration.

Markup language called HTML is used to create websites, but the layout of the website and the positioning of elements inside the particular layout is defined using CSS (short for cascading style sheets).

While HTML and CSS are used to design the look and feel of a website, images will be created separately. Therefore, ideally your webmaster also possess some graphic design skills. Producing striking imaginary for the website is also a craft in itself.

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