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One Page Websites are a great place to start your online journey. This particular web design service is ideal for small business owners who require an online presents but do not offer a large range of services or products at this stage.

If you have a limited amount of content a one page website package would be suitable for your business. This doesn’t mean you can’t extend and build on this adding pages later as required, you will have all the tools available and ready to use when the need arises.

Ideal for small one man businesses, perfect for tradesmen and individuals: photographer, interior designer, marriage celebrants, electricians, plumbers, labourer, actor/actress, copywriter, painter, sculptor, artist, seamstress, gardener, cleaner, pest control, copy writer.

from $1199+GsT

All content on one page | Custom WordPress website | Fav Icon | Static image as header | Responsive Design | Enquiry form | Social Media links | Google Map Integration | On-Site SEO |  SSL Certificate | Cloudflare | Secure Hosting | Email & Support

What You Get

One Page Website Package.

Here is a list of features and services included in this web design package. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.



All content on one page

A custom designed website


adopt your branding



custom designed

Mobile & tablet responsive


Responsive website

Enquiry form


simple contact form

Social media Links


custom designed

Google Maps Integration



Initial On-Site Search Engine Optimisation



Monthly Google Analytics report



Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate



Cloudflare improved speed & website protection



Fast, reliable & secure hosting


$25 per month

Unlimited Email Accounts & Support


included with hosting

Addition of your site to Google & Bing



Add more pages yourself for FREE



Monthly Website Maintenance


$59 per month

Additional hourly work if required


$50 per hour


$55 per page

One Page Websites – What are they & why so popular?

One-PAge Website

In the last few years one-page websites have appeared like a storm of Golden Snidgets in Harry Potter. Many people aren’t really sure what they are and why they might want one instead of a “normal” website.

As the name indicates, a One-Page Website tends to have one page with everything that a regular customer might want to know to decide to contact you about your thing.

I believe they sprung from Landing Pages (part of a marketing campaign) which use the Long Letter form (but wait there’s more: sell, ask, sell, ask, sell ask…) to try to squeeze a sale before the person wandered away.

It turned out the one page websites actually worked very well on phone screens. There was less for the user to have to do in their search (and let’s face it most didn’t read the information anyway).

Everything users needed was there on one scrollable page. People didn’t love scrolling on TV-like screens but they loved it on phones.

The one page website stepped into the hole left by the “business card” website of the ‘90s. One page with the basic info and a Form to get people to subscribe to your email, PDF white paper, or Contact you so you could find out what they wanted and quote them.

This approach works very well for some small businesses. Quite a few actually. But be aware that there are some downsides to balance the advantages.

Live examples of one page website designs Sunshine Coast

One Page Web Design Examples

web design book author website design sunshine coast
Car Detailing Web Design Sunshine Coast
Lokahi Way - Lomi Lomi Massage

One page website great for service providers

One For All

Firstly, the sorts of businesses where one page websites work well: Service providers and solo operators like plumbers, electricians, marriage celebrants, photographers, copywriters, house cleaners etc. can benefit.

Social referrals are used to drive people to the one-page website – which just so happens to have the ever-popular, and oh so impersonal, Form* for the “obligation free” contact.

Think of the one-page as being like an extension of the old Yellow Pages advert where you jammed in an image or logo and some words that you hoped would make people call you. Only now you have more space and control over that space.

One page sites are cheaper to build as there is less structure and content.

One-Page websites small target for Google

Lone Wolf


One-page is a small target for Search Engines (Google for short). There is commonly little information on one page websites so unless there are a lot of quality inbound links (from Disney or Coca Cola) they rarely rank well on Google searches.

Doesn’t matter how SEOey you get with them, they are always a small target with little content so Google doesn’t see them as a particularly good answer for anything past your exact name (and even then Facebook will probably beat you).

If you are a Local Business then you can help that some by taking control of your Google Map* Pin so if someone does a Search for “One-Page Website Sunshine Coast” and your Sunshine Coast One Page website is pinned to the Sunshine Coast, then you can get served as a relevant answer based on location.

The other downside with one page is that information a potential customer may want is both limited and all in one long “toilet-roll”. There are two solutions. The first is simply to use Anchors on the page so you can move people up and down the page at key points.

If you choose wisely (and WordPress is almost always the wisest choice) you can start to add extra sections and pages at a later date without upsetting your one-page Home. Portfolios, Blogs and Expert Articles are common additions as they fill out your offering for those who want to know more, whilst they help Google to see you as a good answer for your thing.

*I include a Google Map & Form in the one Page site if you need them. I can also assist you with getting your website into the Google Local Search results for the Sunshine Coast if you wish.

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