Multi Page Websites Sunshine Coast

What are the Benefits of having a multi-page Website?

Is More. More?

Sometimes less is more. I spoke about that in my article on One-Page websites. But generally speaking, you get out what you put in. Larger website designs do cost a bit more to set up but can work a lot harder for you than a single page website.

The number one thing to understand is that web packages have more information. People go to the internet to get information. Google helps people find information. The more you do to bring all of these things together for potential customers, the better you are likely to do.

Google and SEO first – not that you should think of it this way but I know you may be impatient. A larger website with more content, words in particular, is a larger/better target for Google to see and consider as a good answer to a user’s question.

Customers like information. I know that often they don’t read it. But they like to know it is there; that the business they are looking at is a knowledgeable and capable expert. You probably won’t read most of the information on my website, but the fact I have a lot more information and advice on offer than what fits on a postcard probably has already helped you to feel that I am worthy of more attention.

If you are an analytical, reading, type of person and I only have one slim page with nothing to read, you will probably be losing interest in me as I don’t seem like a Sunshine Coast web design expert, the kind of person you need to help you improve your business.

Multi Page Websites Sunshine Coast

Never Skimp on Content

Like most Sunshine Coast Web Designers, I help you to understand some of the choices you can make in your business website design by offering some core small business web design packages.

My Small Website package provides all the basics for a static website of up to seven pages. This lets you add in more aspects of your offering like the Key Staff in your business and how they are experts. You can also cover several offerings like grouping overview information on your products & services on separate pages (Google likes this).

The Medium Website Package really lets you spread your wings a lot further by getting into Blogging to show off your expertise (and ability to explain it to the layman). Google loves websites that are always growing and changing. Adding a Blog (that you maintain regularly) allows you to have relatively static main pages, but keep your website growing with new quality content at the same time.

Blogs also give you legitimate cause to be posting on Social Media about your new web design article on how web design articles are good for building traffic on your business website for web designers on the Sunshine Coast (notice how I ever so subtly loaded all those lovely SEOey key words).

Start blogging with the medium package

Don’t worry, I was only showing off. I include WordPress training in the Medium Package on how to get started in Blogging and in particular in how to use your WordPress website. I can also include more training and support if needed ($120 ph + gst). If you want articles but aren’t the writing type (or plain don’t have time), write out the main points of the article and I can have it written for you by a professional article writer.

Remember that the more engaged you are with your website, the harder it will work for you.

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