Affordable vs Cheap Websites

Every good business needs a website, and not just any website, one that captures the viewer’s attention and keeps them glued to your site, promoting views and ensuring the sale of one or more product or services.

Getting a good website is no easy to achieve, but everyone wants it anyway. The desperation of certain people and limited funds can lead to them settling for a cheap website and not one that is affordable. Before we begin, however, let’s find out what these terms mean:

In plain terms, a cheap web design has little to do with price. It’s all about the mindset. Yes, we know that several new businesses are not very big on funds, but you can still get a good quality website for your business. Cheap web design is a choice you make. Due to the funds you have, you choose to contact a web designer to build you a sub-par website all in a bid to save cost. There are a couple of reasons why people search for cheap web design.

They are trying to work within their budget

Without a doubt, a lot of people who search for cheap web designers fall into this category. Several people have dreams of starting up their own business, but when the funds are tight, what do they do? Bear in mind, that “cheap” is relative. A $1,000 – $1,500 website may be seen as cheap to some people, but to others, it can be very expensive. Even website design that costs $450 can still be expensive for some people. On that note, they just rely on Google to give them what they can afford.

They do not understand website design and its offers

There are still individuals who care less about the kind of website they are set up with. Their major aim is to have a website running, any website, and they are not willing to pay more than they feel it is worth it. A lot of work is put into building a website, and for those who don’t know its worth, it has no business being expensive.

They search for desperate web designers

Even though there are people who genuinely cannot afford a standard, good quality website, there are some individuals who prey on desperate web designers. A lot of competition exists in the web design industry. And for this, there are web designers who are willing to accept paltry sums just to keep themselves in a house or provide themselves with basic needs. The ones who are willing to accept low prices for a website are desperate for work.

Reasons why people source for cheap web design

Having known what a cheap website design is about, you can have a better view of what an affordable website entails. It is not necessarily expensive. It is simply getting worth for your money. Whether it is £1,000 or more, the major thing is to get quality work. There are affordable web designers that charge reasonable prices for a good website, and also pay attention to what is important in a website.

Now the question is, how can you tell the difference between a cheap and an affordable website.

Differences between cheap web design and affordable web design

It is important to have in-depth knowledge of the differences between a cheap website design and an affordable one, to avoid cheated or given a substandard job. The differences are as follows:

There is no interest on the designers part

Simply put, a cheap web designer wants the money and nothing else. They are not interested in finding out what your business is all about. They don’t care about your goals, your business idea or what you hope to show your viewers when they click on your site, and neither do they care about building long term business relationships with you. To them, all they need to do is make a couple of clicks on their computer, set up a homepage with few interesting links to click on and get paid. In the end, you are left to deal with the mess they have made.

They cut corners

They do a lot of work, or so it seems, but they leave a lot of things undone or halfway completed. Besides causing a huge inconvenience for you, they put you in a position where you either have to call them back, which ultimately means more money, or you hire someone else to fix things. Either way, you end up spending more money.

They do not include SEO

The importance of SEO in a business website and in general, cannot be overemphasised. This is the one way your business gets views, clicks and recognition. Without SEO, you are practically invisible to the people who may need your services. A cheap web design does not include those vital things like SEO. Just like a vehicle without an engine, your business has no chance of going anywhere without SEO.

How does affordable web design help?

For the sake of your business, you would have to do what it takes to give it room for growth by getting it enough recognition. A cheap design may seem like it is doing just that, but it isn’t.

    affordable vs cheap websites

    Here’s how affordable web design fixes things

    1. Getting an affordable web design will guarantee you quality website at an affordable price
    2. The price of the website will depend on its size and functionality. Good and affordable web designers will bundle services with it if need be, delivering the clients everything they need at a package price
    3. Finally, good and affordable web designers focus on SEO and the website as a whole, with extras like social media marketing and email marketing being part of the whole package.
    4. As a business owner, your focus shouldn’t just be to get the website at any price. Your website should be handled by someone who knows what they are doing and not just for the money. With the right price, you can get a good quality website up and running.

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