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 Choosing affordable website

Do you need to compromise on quality if choosing affordable website design and what to look for?

Affordable Web Design has often gotten a bad reputation. Sadly sometimes deserved. I think the reason is that people don’t differentiate between the positive and negative connotations in how the phrase “Cheap Websites Sunshine Coast” can be interpreted.

Cheap is a loaded word. Or maybe it is that sometimes the outcome doesn’t contain the full load expected. “What did they shave off?” is what one should ask on a cheaper product (or service).

Why should you choose affordable website

One major reason that websites were costly in the early days was that there was a lot to do. Even an agency offering cheap websites needed to have a lot of staff to build everything from scratch. Specialists in each arena, filling chairs, adding to the bill no matter the workload. Things got shaved off to offer cheap web design.

Many agencies still charge this way even though they use the same infrastructure that is available to all on the open market (WordPress, Servers etc.). Whilst there is still a very valid reason for agencies, when the business needs a lot of custom work in several disciplines and wants someone else to stage manage it all, the reality is that most businesses can benefit far more from hiring smaller.


1. Cost – it is cheaper to hire only the web design specialist.

2. Speciality – passion, the personal touch.

Local Freelancers a growing industry

Enter the Freelancer

Local* Freelancers have become a growing industry in the last 10 years as businesses realise they can invest in specialist skills without significantly increasing their overheads.

Freelancers are a varied bunch for sure but the good ones have normally started out in the traditional channels, and then gone solo for one of a few reasons – commonly “lifestyle” or “passion for their craft” that regular agencies don’t often support. All wins for the client as they get agency quality staff with far lower overheads. The Freelancer knows how to be a good employee as well as an entrepreneur.

The Freelancer isn’t paying for buildings or staff. A laptop and an internet connection is about all they need. Freelancers are about hiring the right brain for the job – and only when you need the.

Some people worry that using a Freelancer and a system like WordPress to build an affordable website is that they have no flexibility. In reality, in most cases that sort of flexibility just isn’t required.

 And if it really is, someone has probably already made a widget that does that thing – and it has been tested in the real world by thousands of users. Freelancers tend to know their workspaces really well and have developed the ability to be creative with the limits.

This allows genuinely affordable websites to be built. The Freelancer focuses on their speciality which is arranging sales content so it does the job it is supposed to.

Single, defined person to build your website

Passion Sells

Instead of having an IT Department of faceless people build your website, you get to have a single, defined person who loves what they do build your website – as and when they work best.

The person building your website, your sales platform, is the person you are talking to, not some person just out of college jammed in a cubicle rushing to hit volume KPIs – I know, I have been there.

Freelancers are purely outcome focused and client focused in ways the corporate employee rarely is. Freelancers are more affordable for you; getting the results both you and they want personally. Wins for all.

*I said “local” before. Local for me is right here on the Sunshine Coast. Local is better because Sunshine Coast Website Designers understand the world you live and work in. They know they might run into you at the local shops. Time zones match. Languages match. You can meet face to face. Personal attachment and responsibility is high. This is why I offer the most affordable websites on the Sunshine Coast. This is the community I love and raise my children. Find out more about my website packages & contact me today.

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